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Louisiana Legal Links


The following links should guide the reader to a wealth of legal information available to the public on the internet.  Although most of the following links are Louisiana-related, some involve federal law and lead to federal websites.  At the time I posted the links, access to all information was free.


Louisiana Legislature

By far, the best Louisiana source of legal material

on the internet.  It has a searchable engine for every Louisiana

state law by numbers and words/phrases, and has

live updates, including video, for all on-going

legislative activities while the Legislature is in session.




Louisiana Secretary of State

Although the entire website is very well-designed

and has excellent content, I directly linked to the most-used

feature of this site: the searchable database

for all registered limited partnerships and corporations.




Louisiana Supreme Court

Contains all information about the Court, including

its rules and the rules of all other courts in the state.




15th Judicial District Court for Parishes of Acadia, Lafayette, and Vermilion




Cornell University Law School

Cornell is considered one of the websites on the internet for national

and international legal sources.  It contains one of the largest and

most wide-ranging source of legal material culled from all 50 states,

especially their collection of state and federal caselaw.



Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court




Louisiana Uniform Rules of State District Court

State District Judges are beginning to enforce the Uniform as well as

their parish's or district's local rules more than ever.  If you don't want

to be embarrassed in court, brush up on the rules governing

your court before you appear.




Louisiana Uniform Rules of the Courts of Appeal

This website is the "go to" website for anyone contemplating an appeal

from a trial court decision - it has all rules of courts of appeal that

must be followed by those appealing.  But don't forget - each appellate

district has its own "internal" rules as well, so read those in

conjunction with the overall Uniform rules for all of the appellate courts.




Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation Administration

Despite being the creation of a state agency, this website provides

employers and employees alike with almost every document and rule

you will encounter as you litigate a workers' compensation case.



United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit



Louisiana Civil Code Online




Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government Code of Ordinances




Louisiana State Bar Association




Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board

This is the first and last stop for anyone who has a complaint against

a practicing attorney in Louisiana.  This Board's effectiveness lies

in its power to discipline lawyers ranging from a private reprimand

to permanent disbarment.




Louisiana Department of Insurance




Louisiana Judicial Interest Calculator

For those who have cases with relatively large damages, this calculator

provides an indispensable tool to determining how much judicial interest

a losing defendant would owe from the date suit was filed until

the date a definitive final judgment is paid.  It is especially useful

to those mediating cases because judicial interest can often

be a very large component of a potential verdict that one can

use to "push" a party toward settling.




Code of Federal Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government. It is divided into 50 titles that represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation.




United States Library of Congress





Named after Thomas Jefferson, this is the legislative section of the United States

Library of Congress' website.  It contains a wealth of information on federal laws

as well as up-to-date information on Congressional sessions.





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